Should I Be Pro-Life Or Pro-Choice – Which Do You Choose and What Can You Know?

Are you pro life or pro choice? It’s a debate that has gone on for years and years, and people often have a difficult time choosing sides. At the same time, many people choose quickly and are very adamant about the side they choose. While it is a binary issue, there are gray areas that are often involved in debates on the subject. People often view pro life as a Republican stance and pro choice as a Democratic stance, but it’s much more than that.

Did you know: Polarized debates such as this one – where there are two clearly defined sides – form because of a default way our brain works. You might call it “subconscious”. You might also relate it to one type of plinko board where the ball tends to fall to the left, and on another separate board, the ball tends to fall right. This does not mean people’s brains are born a fixed way or that they are not capable of changing. However, it is very important to recognize how your brain’s belief system is definitely influencing your decisions on issues like this one.

In other words, it’s not as simple as a political decision as human lives are at stake. A believer in pro life is more likely to bring that up, and that’s likely why I just did because I am pro life. Does that mean you have to be pro life, or that I’m going to convince you to be pro life? No. I’ll certainly lay out my beliefs if asked or debated, but you have to make up your own mind.

There are certain laws that limit abortions, so pro choice has its limitations. However, believers in pro life like me say that women shouldn’t be able to choose whether or not to have a baby. That even sounds a little sexist to me in ways, but you see, it’s not me or any other man or woman that is making that choice. It’s about faith in my opinion, and it’s about the fact that the baby doesn’t have a choice.

There are certainly circumstances that make pro life seem a little hard to swallow, such as when a woman is raped or a woman’s life is in danger. However, those circumstances are a small percentage of all abortion cases. Moreover, I feel that people should be able to recognize themselves that pro life is the right way to go if they are honest with themselves about what’s right and what’s wrong.

Before I go, let me leave you with a few solid things you can use to build your own understanding here. After all, people act as if there’s just opinions and beliefs in play – as if this is a matter of “people should be able to believe what they want to believe”.

But as we already addressed above, this is about human lives. So carelessness with such an important concept, where there is another person’s life at stake, is not to be glossed over.

  1. FACT #1: Human beings are more than objects. The only way to justify killing an innocent human, is to reduce you to no more than dust and chemical reactions. In reality, there must be something about you which doesn’t change. You can look at the fact that every so many years, every single cell in your body has regenerated and is now completely different. This means your entire body is eventually replaced with new cells. So what hasn’t changed? Ask yourself this and you will uncover the reality than human BEINGS are not objects – it just can’t be the case. Any arguments against this point are from people who have glossed over this important piece of understanding.
  2. FACT #2: Property rights are inherent from the time you come into existence. Your body is your property and cannot be the property of anyone else. This is apparent when you look at how this has been glossed over in history and the attrosities commited against millions of people – all from another important point being glossed over. Property rights.
  3. FACT #3: A mother’s body is essential for the development of an unborn baby. We may not know exactly when a conscious being is bound to a body, but we do know that a mother’s body is needed for a baby to develop.

Take these points and develop your own understanding.

Then use your understanding to break-free of the traditional back and forth discussion we hear in politics.

Hope this helps.

Leave a comment if you have questions or agree/disagree with anything. But please approach this discussion from a point of understanding and not trying to beat me or anyone else over the head with lame-brained arguments (non-understanding).